Phillip A. Arcuri, PhD

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Dr. Phillip A. Arcuri has worked in areas of advanced technology for over 30 years, including modeling of neutral beam injectors for tokamaks at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, MATLAB model development at AERE Harwell, MUMPS programming at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxfordshire, development of large-scale personnel dispatch systems for Verizon, and Public Key Infrastructure security products for bTrade. He holds an A.B. degree from Wabash College and both an M.Sc. and PhD. in mathematics from Oxford University, England.

Dr. Arcuri did an extensive 3-year test to verify and certify the actual accuracy of the TradeShark forecasting software. The three year time period was from September 2010 to September 2013. He randomly selected 369 of the markets TradeShark forecasts for spanning futures, forex, stocks and ETFs and in all cases, the accuracy is better than 70% with nearly a third of the markets over 80%.  The average accuracy over all thirty markets is 78.89%, with a low value of 73.01% for Diebold stock, and a high value of 83.53% for Singapore Straits Times which is an overseas stock index futures market.

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