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Available on Apple and Android devices

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Imagine opening a TradeShark portfolio and quickly identifying a hot trade based on the latest neural network predictions. Now, imagine this on your smart phone, away from home. You don’t have to imagine anymore. The TradeShark Mobile App is now available for your Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows phone.

And, it gets better. How about viewing the results of your latest IntelliScan? No problem. Multiple IntelliScans for different studies? No problem. See the markets that meet your selection criteria each day. Need more data? The latest predictions and charts are a touch away.

There is no need to return home and power up the old PC. Instead, get instant access to TradeShark predictions and IntelliScan results -- from anywhere.

TradeShark Mobile App
Mobile App Home Screen

Imagine — TradeShark Anywhere

Develop portfolios and IntelliScans that meet your research needs on TradeShark. Then, with the click of a button, upload these to your mobile platform. In seconds, you can access predictions on your smart phone or tablet.

Traveling? No worries. Receive daily prediction updates and recalculated IntelliScans on your device. The only time you’ll need to return to TradeShark is to shift markets in your portfolios or update IntelliScan filters and sorts.

Don’t miss trade opportunities

Sometimes your predictions and indicators click into high gear and identify a great trade – at exactly the wrong time. You happen to be out of town, or away a night. Opportunity lost.

Spot those opportunities on your mobile phone, and move into the trade at the right time, no matter where you happen to be located.

TradeShark Mobile App
Check your portfolio at any time
TradeShark Mobile App
Predicted trend & trading range
TradeShark Mobile App
Charts - always at your fingertips


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