Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is as follows. It is possible these guidelines may change from time to time so you should check back on occasion.

We do not send unsolicited emails (spam). In addition, we never share email addresses or other personal information with outside companies. Any personal information provided to us by any visitor is kept strictly confidential. We conform to all state and federal laws regarding emailing.

Use of Personal Information
Any personal information we might have about any individual was submitted to us by said individual. Any data we obtain is used for the purpose of exposing visitors to relevant products and/or services that we offer. We are committed to protecting all of the personal information that we collect and do not distribute this information to unaffiliated third parties.

Subscribers may opt out of our emails at any time. Instructions for opting out are clearly communicated in each and every email message.

Just as with most other websites, when you visit or interact with our websites, we will most likely automatically note and record the following information:

  • IP - Internet Protocol Address
  • ISP - Internet Service Provider
  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system

We make every effort to protect the information provided to us. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the security of any information transferred over the Internet. You do so at your own risk.

All TradeShark users are required to enter into a License Agreement with Market Technologies before they are able to complete the installation of, and use, TradeShark.  The license to use TradeShark is in exchange for both the payment for the license and the customer’s acceptance of the License Agreement, which should be carefully read before ordering TradeShark. Below is the current TradeShark License Agreement.

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