Larry Williams Premium Indicators

Cycle Track Indicator

A trader’s "Holy Grail" would be knowing what a market is going to do in the future. No one can predict the future, but Williams Cycle Forecast projects past cycles ahead to anticipate market tops and bottoms in the coming months. The forecast can be an alert for timing positions using other Williams and TradeShark indicators.

TrendTrack Indicator

This intermediate-term trend-following indicator helps to determine when a trend has changed and can help you stay in longer-term moves that produce most of the trading profits. The indicator can serve as either a trailing stop or as an entry technique, using price highs or lows during a specified period depending on the length of trend a trader may be seeking.

Electronic Market Accumulation Index Indicator

If a price rally is to continue, a market needs new buyers coming in continually. EMAI measures professional accumulation and distribution along the lines of on-balance volume but is designed specifically for the electronic markets that now dominate trading. Divergences between prices and EMAI readings indicate whether the outlook is bullish or bearish.

Professional Sentiment Index Indicator

At the same time, Williams likes to be in sync with what “professional traders” are doing. Monitoring the professionals’ attitude toward a market, PSI derives a percentage of bullishness. When that figure is high, it’s time to look at other Williams indicators on TradeShark for potential long trades. If PSI is low, other TradeShark indicators may point to short trades.

Seasonal Indicator

Larry Williams shows how his Seasonal Indicator helps traders easily identify seasonal patterns and trends that exist over multiple timeframes in Futures/Commodities, Stocks, and Indices, and how leveraging this custom TradeShark indicator can help you to know when, and on what side of the market, to be positioned to profit. Examples include Gold (daily and weekly), E-Mini S&P, and Wal-Mart.

Turning Point Indicator

Larry Williams explains how his custom Turning Point Index, available exclusively in TradeShark, can help traders identify early reversals in the markets for Stocks, Futures / Commodities, and Indices. Examples include Altria Group, E-Mini S&P, and Gold.

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