Larry Williams Indicators in TradeShark

The most widely known individual trader in the world, Larry Williams, is known for his innovative trading concepts, seminar appearances and market publications. Larry is a firm believer in fundamental analysis and the concept that prices move due to shifts in, or perceptions about, supply or demand conditions. TradeShark is excited to announce two new Larry Williams Indicators – available exclusively in our platform. Watch the video below to see how you can apply these premium indicators to TradeShark to improve your consistency and accuracy in the markets.

Trend Track defines long term trends and provides important levels that warn traders when a trend is no longer valid, keeping traders on the right side of the trade.

Cycle Track projects 90 days into the future and gives traders a good estimation of where prices are likely to move based on cyclical content of the market data. This allows traders to prepare for major tops and trend reversals.

These Larry Williams Indicators can be combined to help traders capture some of the best opportunities that occur in the market. TradeShark’s predictive technology transforms traditional market lagging data into future predictions that can help traders get ahead and capitalize on profitable opportunities.

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