identifying trading opportunities

Traders often find themselves spending too much time sifting and sorting through market data, charts and analysis to best identify trading opportunities. Finding ideal opportunities is key since results  often rely on being able to consistently identify profitable setups. TradeShark’s proprietary Intelliscan tool gives traders an edge by quickly sorting through this data and alerting you to imminent trend changes.

By utilizing TradeShark’s Intelliscan feature, traders are able to filter out choppy, sideways markets that tend to trap other unsuspecting traders in losing trades. By applying custom filters to the results, you can identify trading opportunities that best meet your specific criteria.

In the example below we demonstrate how to use the Intelliscan with TradeShark’s Neural Index and Neural Index Strength indicators.

Once a scan is customized it can be saved for later use. In the example above we create a scan that identifies all opportunities to go long in the services sector. This allows you to sort through thousands of markets in literally a matter of minutes.

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