Many traders often struggle with the amount of time they spend either looking for the right trading opportunities or conducting market analysis. TradeShark’s Intelliscan feature quickly and easily sorts through the clutter, identifying the best opportunities that meet your criteria. Find out how you can use this technology to spot a good trade.

Once you run Intelliscan you can add custom filters to further narrow down the list of trading opportunities. Two of those filters include Price Gain and Crossover.

TradeShark’s Price Gain indicator can be used with Intelliscan to sort markets based on the last trading days % increase or decrease. For instance, users can view only opportunities that had a 1% increase on the previous trading day.

TradeShark’s Crossover indicators can be used to identify fresh trend changes by allowing users to sort by trend direction (upside or downside) as well as last crossover date. By looking for opportunities with a recent crossover date, traders can get in early and experience greater profits.

As a trader, you know the importance of being able to spot a good trade. The technology behind TradeShark has been proven since 1991 and the forecasts are up to 86% accurate. See it for yourself with a free demo today. Visit


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