How to Utilize TradeShark’s Predicted High and Low Indicators

TradeShark’s Predicted High and Predicted Low values are provided before each trading day, allowing traders to anticipate the next day’s price action. At the end of each trading day, the actual market data will fill this area and you will know how accurate the predicted value was.  Combining these indicators TradeShark’s Predicted Neural Index and Predicted Moving Averages, traders can get a more complete forecast for their target markets.

In the below video we demonstrate how to apply these indicators to real life trading to become more consistent and accurate in the markets.


Taking a closer look at the Predicted High and Low levels, we notice something of great importance. Often, it is vitally important for traders to be able to determine if a trend is likely to continue or if they should look to take profits.  The Predicted Highs and Lows can assist in this regard and regardless of your trading approach, having consistently accurate information as a basis for your trading decisions will improve your overall results. Traders can rely on TradeShark’s accurate forecasts as a guide to help execute their trading ideas as well as adapt to a constantly evolving market.




Using Jack Schwager Indicators in TradeShark

Jack Schwager Indicators in TradeShark

Market Wizards author, Jack Schwager, has released 4 proprietary indicators available exclusively in TradeShark. These indicators are geared towards helping traders tune in to the strongest market trends but can also serve as filters for trades.

In this video we cover how to use the each of the 4 Jack Schwager indicators in TradeShark .

Trend Weight Indicator

The Trend Weight (TW) indicator is designed to capture major trends in the market and can also be used as a filter to determine which side of a market to trade from. The value of the indicator reflects the strength of the trend and can range between -100 (most bearish) to +100 (most bullish). Users can specify threshold levels which can be used to generate buy and sell signals. See more.

Overbought/Oversold Indicator

The Overbought/Oversold (OBOS) indicator is a counter-trend measure, which becomes increasingly positive as an uptrend progresses and increasingly negative as a downtrend progresses. The indicator has a range between -100 and +100. Extreme values in the OBOS can be viewed as an indication that the trend may be overextended and prone to reversal which can be used as signals to employ a sensitive exit condition. The OBOS can also be used as a trend signal in that shifts from negative to low positive readings tend to lead to upside extensions, and shifts from positive to low negative readings tend to lead to downside extensions. See more.

Directional Weight Indicator

The Directional Weight (DW) indicator combines the TW and OBOS into a single composite indicator, which can range between -100 and +100. The typical pattern for a major uptrend will be that, initially, the DW will increase as the trend develops, reflecting an increasing TW and a little changed OBOS. Subsequently, as the trend extends further, the DW will begin to decline, as the TW will be near maximum readings, while the OBOS increases with the extension of the uptrend. It is not uncommon for the DW to retrace back to near zero by the time the market is at a top. The pattern for a major downtrend would be analogous. Similar to the TW, user-specified threshold levels for the DW can be used to generate buy and sell signals, and the DW can also be used as a filter to determine which side of a market to trade from. See more.

Dual Trend Indicator

The Dual Trend (DT) indicator combines the Trend Weight (TW) with the TradeShark Long Trend Difference (LTD) indicator. The DT is inherently diversified, as the TW is a long-term indicator, while the LTD is a much shorter-term indicator. See more.

The DT can be set in one of two modes:

  • Single Condition—A bullish reading in one indicator (with the other neutral) is sufficient for a trade signal.
  • Dual Condition—Both indicators need to be in a bullish mode to signal a long position, and both need to be in bearish mode to signal a short position.

For more information on purchasing the Jack Schwager indicators in TradeShark please give us a call at 1-800-732-5407.

A recent update to TradeShark now allows users to add these indicators to their Intelliscan filters. Read more about that update here.


Identify Trading Opportunities with TradeShark’s Intelliscan

identifying trading opportunities

Traders often find themselves spending too much time sifting and sorting through market data, charts and analysis to best identify trading opportunities. Finding ideal opportunities is key since results  often rely on being able to consistently identify profitable setups. TradeShark’s proprietary Intelliscan tool gives traders an edge by quickly sorting through this data and alerting you to imminent trend changes.

By utilizing TradeShark’s Intelliscan feature, traders are able to filter out choppy, sideways markets that tend to trap other unsuspecting traders in losing trades. By applying custom filters to the results, you can identify trading opportunities that best meet your specific criteria.

In the example below we demonstrate how to use the Intelliscan with TradeShark’s Neural Index and Neural Index Strength indicators.

Once a scan is customized it can be saved for later use. In the example above we create a scan that identifies all opportunities to go long in the services sector. This allows you to sort through thousands of markets in literally a matter of minutes.

For a personalized demonstration of how TradeShark’s cutting edge technology can get you on the right side of trades visit


Using TradeShark’s Predicted Differences Indicator

Traders can get a different perspective of TradeShark’s short, medium and long term trend forecasts by using the predictive differences indicator. 

The slope and trajectory of the different lines can offer early warning signs of trend reversals as well as indicate that a market trend is losing momentum.

This indicator, in combination with the Neural Index, can act as confirmation to ensure that you end up on the right side of the trend.



Larry Williams Indicators in TradeShark: Trend Track and Cycle Track

Larry Williams Indicators in TradeShark

The most widely known individual trader in the world, Larry Williams, is known for his innovative trading concepts, seminar appearances and market publications. Larry is a firm believer in fundamental analysis and the concept that prices move due to shifts in, or perceptions about, supply or demand conditions. TradeShark is excited to announce two new Larry Williams Indicators – available exclusively in our platform. Watch the video below to see how you can apply these premium indicators to TradeShark to improve your consistency and accuracy in the markets.

Trend Track defines long term trends and provides important levels that warn traders when a trend is no longer valid, keeping traders on the right side of the trade.

Cycle Track projects 90 days into the future and gives traders a good estimation of where prices are likely to move based on cyclical content of the market data. This allows traders to prepare for major tops and trend reversals.

These Larry Williams Indicators can be combined to help traders capture some of the best opportunities that occur in the market. TradeShark’s predictive technology transforms traditional market lagging data into future predictions that can help traders get ahead and capitalize on profitable opportunities.

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Schwager Indicators Now Available in Intelliscan

Are you looking for an easier way to identify market trends?

The Jack Schwager indicators available in TradeShark are designed to identify long term trends and notify you know when the trends have run their course.

TradeShark’s latest update now allows users to combine the Schwager indicators with the power of TradeShark’s IntelliScan – giving you a powerful tool to automatically identify trending markets and increase your gains by putting you on the right side of the market.


How to Spot a Good Trade with TradeShark

Many traders often struggle with the amount of time they spend either looking for the right trading opportunities or conducting market analysis. TradeShark’s Intelliscan feature quickly and easily sorts through the clutter, identifying the best opportunities that meet your criteria. Find out how you can use this technology to spot a good trade.

Once you run Intelliscan you can add custom filters to further narrow down the list of trading opportunities. Two of those filters include Price Gain and Crossover.

TradeShark’s Price Gain indicator can be used with Intelliscan to sort markets based on the last trading days % increase or decrease. For instance, users can view only opportunities that had a 1% increase on the previous trading day.

TradeShark’s Crossover indicators can be used to identify fresh trend changes by allowing users to sort by trend direction (upside or downside) as well as last crossover date. By looking for opportunities with a recent crossover date, traders can get in early and experience greater profits.

As a trader, you know the importance of being able to spot a good trade. The technology behind TradeShark has been proven since 1991 and the forecasts are up to 86% accurate. See it for yourself with a free demo today. Visit


A Look at Technical Indicators in TradeShark Software

Traders are often aware of the traditional technical indicators available at their fingertips. What sets TradeShark’s indicators apart is the predictive technology that transforms these commonly known, market lagging indicators into market leading indicators.

We take a look at the following predictive technical indicators available in TradeShark:

  • Bollinger Bands – used to identifiy a range for where prices are likely to trade.
  • Average True Range – used to summarize market volatility.
  • Aroon Oscillator – used to confirm market direction & trend strength.

These 3 predictive indicators are used by traders to gauge market volatility and to confirm market trends. This provides the edge that today’s traders need to become consistently profitable in the market.

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How to Use TradeShark’s Triple Crossover Indicator

What is the Triple Crossover Indicator?

TradeShark’s Triple Crossover is an indicator that utilizes the predictive technology to produce reliable trend predictions that confirm long trends and identifies short term trade setups. By utilizing this tool, traders can put the probabilities back in their favor and avoid unfavorable trades.

How Can the Triple Crossover Improve Your Trades?

This predictive indicator can help traders by:
1. Identifying areas of support/resistance
2. Accounting for market volatility
3. Identifying short, medium and long term trading opportunities.

Avoid unnecessary losses by incorporating this indicator into your trading style.

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How to Use the Larry Williams Indicators in TradeShark

World-renowned stocks and commodities trader, Larry Williams, offers a multitude of premium indicators available in TradeShark. Among them are his Electronic Market Accumulation Index (EMAI) and Profession Sentiment Index (PSI.) In this video we show you how to get ahead of large market moves and trend reversals by applying these indicators to the trend forecasting capabilities in TradeShark.

You can view our exclusive Larry Williams interviews as well as additional indicator overview videos on our website.

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