How to Utilize TradeShark’s Predicted High and Low Indicators

TradeShark’s Predicted High and Predicted Low values are provided before each trading day, allowing traders to anticipate the next day’s price action. At the end of each trading day, the actual market data will fill this area and you will know how accurate the predicted value was.  Combining these indicators TradeShark’s Predicted Neural Index and Predicted Moving Averages, traders can get a more complete forecast for their target markets.

In the below video we demonstrate how to apply these indicators to real life trading to become more consistent and accurate in the markets.


Taking a closer look at the Predicted High and Low levels, we notice something of great importance. Often, it is vitally important for traders to be able to determine if a trend is likely to continue or if they should look to take profits.  The Predicted Highs and Lows can assist in this regard and regardless of your trading approach, having consistently accurate information as a basis for your trading decisions will improve your overall results. Traders can rely on TradeShark’s accurate forecasts as a guide to help execute their trading ideas as well as adapt to a constantly evolving market.