Utilizing TradeShark’s Neural Index and Neural Index Strength Indicators

When it comes to determining the timing and direction of a particular market, TradeShark’s patented Neural Index and Neural Index Strength indicators can be used to forecast short term trend direction with a high degree of accuracy.

These short term predictive indicators look two days ahead to predict trend changes and can help traders identify how strong or weak a trend will be. This can identify better trading opportunities, help tighten stop losses, be used as confirmation and even help manage your active positions.


Ralph Vince Indicators Available in TradeShark

Ralph Vince has been a leading authority on systematic trading and money management for decades and now he has released his proprietary trading indicators available exclusively in TradeShark.

These indicators, Forward Feedback, Red Compression and Cycle Determination, give traders a major leg up on the markets. By applying these advanced indicators, traders will be able to easily identify trend changes early, determine which trading style is best suited for any given market, and learn how cycles affect their current positions.

Watch the video below to learn how to apply the Ralph Vince indicators to your TradeShark software.