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Get Free Recent Forecasts up to 86% Accurate!


Dont let the market bite you ever again.

TradeShark predicts market movements 2 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

Unlock the secret traders around the world use everyday.

Using Neural Networks TradeShark analyzes thousands of market conditions and outputs indicators capable of predicting the market.

Time Tested. Trader Approved.

For over 36 years traders have been using our technology to predict market trends and secure their capital from "unexpected" downturns.

    If you invest, tradeshark can help You.

    • Build Wealth

      Reliable price forecasts get you into trends as they start to develop, helping you enter positions early to capture more of a move as it unfolds and sticking with the winners.

    • Secure Capital

      Neural network optimized indicators provide confidence to take positions that lead to profits and exit losing positions quickly to preserve your trading stake in a wide range of markets.

    • Reduce Losses

      Identify changes in market momentum early as trading sentiment shifts, getting you into positions ahead of the crowd or out quickly to reduce losses if a move fails to materialize.

    • Save Time

      Spot opportunities quickly with a glance at a chart when indicators point to trend shifts. Scan a whole portfolio of stocks using IntelliScan to find trade candidates that meet your criteria.

    What Should
    you expect

    TradeShark analyzes thousands of market forces from around the world each having an effect on a single stock.

    Our patented research technology is the underlying engine that drives TradeShark’s unique ability to transform trend following, lagging indicators, into trend forecasting leading indicators. This transformation, involving the creation and use of leading predictive technical indicators to replace lagging indicators, alone represents a complete revolution in technical analysis, and is unmatched in its impact on how traders are able to analyze globally interconnected markets in the 21st century.

    Our Technology helps 15,987 traders daily protect and grow their wealth

    Listen to what they have to say about us...

    • TradeShark offers a package of unique indicators that provide early clues about market turns and accurate forecasts about where prices are heading. Having used many programs over the years, I can say that, right from the start, traders will find TradeShark simple and easy to use to develop trading strategies for a wide range of markets.
      Darrell J.
    • Whether I am trading options, futures or stocks I find TradeShark helps me with entry timing as well as trend confirmation. I can easily scan multiple portfolios with criteria I specify to help me spot new trading opportunities with amazing accuracy. TradeShark helped me recently capture a near term bottom in Gold so that I could play the bounce to a nice profit. That trade alone helped me cover the cost of the product!
      H. Brent
    • TradeShark is pretty to look at and easy to use. I'm very happy with the trades I've made using the software. The features I find most useful are the Larry Williams indicators and IntelliScan which makes finding the right stocks at the right time very simple.
    • I have been using TradeShark software since it first became available and my success has been really great. I like the ease of use, being able to download data easily and the speed in which things can be setup. It's very intuitive. I use Trade Shark each and every day to guide my trading and wouldn’t think of trading without it.
    • This software is incredible because it predicts the next day’s trading range with spot on accuracy. It works like a charm. You cannot find any software out there which can do this for you consistently and accurately. Thank you very much TradeShark! You have bought us into next generation of trading technologies.